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Solution packages from SEW-EURODRIVE: Variolution package offerings

Variolution, a new innovative concept from SEW-EURODRIVE, helps customers not only get more bang for their buck but also to draw on the strengths that the company has gathered through repeated business in certain main industries.


"Through developing the same solutions over and over we realised a pattern. As SEW, we were able to come up with packages for various industries which essentially makes it easier for customers to get the right products for the right applications," comments Norman Maleka, Electronics Manager for SEW-EURODRIVE.


Variolution is essentially ‘packaged selling', whereby 80% of the package is standard and 20% can be customised. This provides customers with some level of customisation on top of the benefit of a standard tried and tested solution.


The benefits of such an offering is that the customer has to deal with less variables and suppliers during the process of setting up a new application. "SEW already has the expertise in the required areas and the customer knows that they are getting a package of very high standard which has been applied globally", adds Maleka.


Further advantages include that all components come from one supplier and so the customer is offered a one stop solution and the accompanying cost-benefit of such a deal.


"We have seen small to medium companies take up the Variolution packages in recent months," says Maleka. He attributes this due to the expertise and skills offered by SEW which makes it easier for companies who might be running a lean operation, to be up and running quickly with their new application. Variolution also provides customers with on-site commissioning and installation which is of huge benefit especially in companies where engineering skills are scarce.


There are ten Variolution packages which include conveyer line, packing and unpacking and lifting, among others.


Special modifications to meet different requirements such as energy-efficiency or hygienic design have also been taken into account.


SEW-EURODRIVE conducts on-site visits in order to determine a client's needs and find a Variolution package ideally suited to the application. Norman adds: "We also have clients who contact SEW-EURODRIVE via phone and explain the application, and we can suggest a suitable package."


Maleka highlights that the Variolution packages are suitable for both large and small sized companies, as they can be used in any application. "The Variolution packages available from SEW-EURODRIVE are suitable for use in a variety of industries. Typically the packages are not linked to a specific industry as they have multiple uses within various industries. The most common industries that these packages would be used in are; mining, automotive, food processing, the beverage industry, and the transport and logistics industry," he concludes.



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