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Optimised energy consumption lowers costs

 Optimised energy consumption lowers costs


April 2015: Energy-efficient drive systems are becoming more important than ever in South Africa - given the volatile power supply from the national grid as a result of continued load shedding, as well as surging electricity costs and increasingly-stringent environmental legislation.

Energy costs can constitute up to 90 percent of the lifecycle costs of systems that have not been optimised. Specialist drive engineering company SEW-EURODRIVE is proactively addressing this issue through its newly-launched effiDRIVE energy-saving solutions.

SEW-EURODRIVE Mechatronics Engineering Manager, Norman Maleka states that effiDRIVE energy-saving solutions are based on the company's proven modular concept. "Even a single efficiency-optimised drive component can positively impact a system's overall energy balance. The modular energy-saving system only includes components with optimised energy efficiency. Combining these optimised components from the modular energy-saving system can result in 70 percent energy savings," he says.

The effiDRIVE solution is ideally-suited for numerous industries, including; food and beverage, airport logistics, building ventilation systems, and intralogistics, such as storage and retrieval systems. Another major benefit of the effiDRIVE solution is that it can be retrofitted onto existing machines and systems.

Energy consulting

According to Maleka, energy consulting is the primary service in the energy-saving concept. "Customer-specific consulting allows us to identify the optimal energy-saving solution for individual systems, whether they are existing or still being developed," he continues. Maleka indicates that the focus is on the complete system. "With the existing process sequences in mind, the goal is to reduce power loss, optimise power requirements and to recycle the released energy."

SEW-EURODRIVE draws upon an extensive wealth of experience with tried-and-tested package solutions. "Our energy specialists are familiar with the applications of numerous industries, thereby ensuring the success of all the energy-efficient drive components," he adds.

Energy-efficient solutions

In the current South African context there is a strong drive for clients to increase their energy efficiency. This drive will only grow stronger in the future. The need for local manufacturers and clients to move to energy efficient solutions is two-fold, namely; to minimise operating costs while maintaining existing infrastructure and capacity; and to lower plant power requirements and improve stability.

"The introduction of energy consulting to the current SEW-EURODRIVE South Africa business unit service is a natural extension of the mechatronic product portfolio and is aimed at assisting current and future clients with energy efficient solutions," reveals Maleka. According to Maleka, the section on energy efficiency highlights the problems faced by many industries and gives an overview of the current solutions in particular for traditional conveying applications.

"Our energy consulting offering serves as a demonstration that allows clients to witness the real savings in their actual plant environment, rather than just the theoretical savings," he continues.

The most energy-efficient solution is not only dependent on the components used, but also on the supporting analysis and consulting services. As a result, SEW-EURDRIVE's energy-efficiency specialists perform regular and thorough tests on the application.

Maleka points out that all energy-saving factors are identified and implemented consistently. "During highly-volatile power supply periods currently being experienced in South Africa, the benefit to the end-user is measurable success by reducing energy consumption and costs, while simultaneously lowering CO2 emissions too," he concludes.


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