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Drive systems with MOVIDRIVE® B – Functionality,
parameter setting and programming

This training will introduce the entire MOVIDRIVE® inverter range. You will be qualified to
adapt MOVIDRIVE® to the respective application according to your specifications.

Target group:
  • Repair engineers
  • Construction engineers
  • Project planners
Course objectives:
  • Select the different operating modes of the MOVIDRIVE®
  • Inverter depending on the application
  • Select motors and encoders according to the application
  • Start-up the inverter in the different operating modes
  • Parameterise the inverter
  • Diagnose faults and eliminate them
  • Use the different options of the inverter depending on the application
  • Start-up the inverter for fieldbus operation, control it via fieldbus
  • Diagnose faults
  • Programme the inverter with IPOSplus®
  • Start-up of the absolute encoder
  • Start-up application modules
  • Parameterise the inverter for communication and use the different communication services
  • Start-up of the internal synchronise operation
Day 1
  • Overview of options, components and accessories
  • Overview of motor, brakes and encoders
  • Introduction of the MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio system software
  • Start-up in VFC operating mode
  • Important parameters and setting options
  • Fault diagnostics with MOVITOOLS ®Shell and SCOPE function
Day 2
  • Manual operation of the inverter
  • Using the DBG60B keypad
  • Start-up in VFC-n control mode
  • Start-up in CFC operating mode
  • Diagnostic option fieldbus monitor
  • Fieldbus option card using the example of DFP21B
  • Master/slave function
  • Testing the participant’s knowledge in the training system
Day 3
  • Introduction in EMC
  • Start-up of a synchronous servomotor (optional)
  • Introduction to the IPOSplus® positioning and sequence control
  • Practical programming exercises with IPOSplus®
  • Start-up of an absolute encoder
  • Start-up of an application module
Day 4
  • Communication option of the basic unit via SBus and RS-485
  • MOVILINK® command
  • SCOM command for data exchange via SBus
  • ISYNC technology function
  • Selecting the inverter on the basis of a project planning example
Day 5
  • Connection to MOVI-PLC®
  • Drive technology knowledge
  • Electrical engineering basics
  • Laptop
  • 5 days
Max. participants:
  • 6



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