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MOVIDRIVE® B – IPOS programming assembler

Control and positioning is becoming more and more important in modern applications. This means that the start-up engineer has to know more than just the basic principles. Building on the MOVIDRIVE® B COMPACT course or the MOVIDRIVE® B – Operation, start-up and fault repair seminar, this course expands on that knowledge.

Target group:
  • Start-up engineers
  • Construction engineers
  • Project planners
Course objectives:
  • Use both the IPOSplus® positioning and sequence control
  • Prepare and start-up the inverter for IPOSplus® operation
  • Programme IPOSplus® in the programming language assemble
  • Perform reference travel
  • Perform absolute/relative positioning
  • Structure and comment a programme
  • Save data
  • Change speeds during positioning
  • Change fixed setpoints via IPOSplus®
  • Start-up application modules
  • Start-up absolute encoder and the corresponding card and replace the encoder
Day 1
  • Introduction to the IPOSplus® user interface and its features
  • Difference between sequence and positioning programme, task 1 and task 2, encoder
  • Preparing the inverter for IPOSplus® operation
  • Programme user interface, working and system variables, tool bar command entry
  • Performing reference travel
  • Creating a programme for relative and absolute positioning
  • Creating a programme using interrupt and arithmetic commands
Day 2
  • Structuring and commenting a programme, data backup and inverter replacement
  • Creating sample programmes (speed variation during positioning, changing fixed setpoints, table positioning)
  • Using interrupt commands
  • Starting the encoder and the corresponding card, encoder replacement
  • Testing of learned material
  • Completion of MOVIDRIVE® B course
  • Completion of MOVIDRIVE® B – Operation, start-up, and troubleshooting course
  • Laptop
  • Educational dialogs
  • Practical exercises
  • 2 days
Max. participants:
  • 6


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