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MOVIDRIVE® B – Operation, Start-up
and Troubleshooting

Especially in plant engineering, the maintenance engineer is often also responsible for start-up. In this training you will acquire the necessary basic knowledge for this in consolidated form. The training focuses on start-up, parameter setting, quick troubleshooting, inverter replacement and fieldbus operation. For customers who also have to operate and start-up the integrated IPOSplus® positioning and sequence control system, we have added a day that deals with this particular subject.

Target group:
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Artisans
  • Technicians
  • Start-up engineers
  • Designers
  • Project planners
Course objectives:
  • Understand the MOVIDRIVE® and the options available
  • Start-up a motor in the VFC and CFC operating modes
  • Set the parameter for terminal, setpoints, ramps and messages
  • Save data with PC and keypad and upload it to the inverter
  • Analyse faults and eliminate them
  • Control the inverter via fieldbus
  • Basic understanding of iPOS
Day 1
  • Overview of the basics of VSDs
  • Properties of the AC motor when operated on the supply system and on the inverter
  • V/f characteristic curve as a basis for inverter control
  • Product overview of the MOVIDRIVE®
  • Overview of accessories and options cards on the product
Day 2
  • Manual operation of the inverter
  • Start-up in VFC-n and CFC control mode
  • Start-up for fieldbus operation
  • SEW fieldbus unit profile
  • Fieldbus monitor, fault diagnostics, control via fieldbus
  • Parameter setting
  • Movitools and PC integration
  • Start-up in VFC operating mode
  • Data backup with PC and keypad, preparing inverter replacement
  • Fault diagnostics with SCOPE function
Day 3
  • IPOS training
  • Testing of learner material
  • Electrical engineering basics or qualification as an electrician
  • Laptop
  • Educational dialogs
  • Practical exercises
  • 3 days
Max. participants:
  • 8



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