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MOVIMOT® – Operation, start-up
and troubleshooting

With MOVIMOT®, and the fieldbus components, SEW provides solutions to respond to the trend towards decentralisation in drive technology. In this training participants learn about the system components and how to start-up and operate them. Other key topics are quick fault diagnostics and fault repair.

Target group:
  • Maintenance and start-up staff
Course objectives:
  • Wire and start-up MOVIMOT® drive systems
  • Are familiar with the features and technical data of the system
  • Use the SEW service tools and are familiar with the respective application options
  • Diagnose and analyse faults quickly and reliably
  • Quickly find the right response via tips and tricks in case of an emergency operation
  • Technical data and design of the MOVIMOT® drive unit
  • Converting of an asynchronous motor into a MOVIMOT® drive unit (plus start-up)
  • Diagnostics tools for MOVIMOT®
  • Technical data, design and start-up of the fieldbus communication
  • Wiring and start-up with keypad and MOVITOOLS® operating software
  • Control via fia fieldbus, monitoring and control via fieldbus monitoring
  • Electrical engineering basics
  • Educational dialogs
  • Practical exercises
  • 1 day
Max. participants:
  • 6



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