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Maintenance and repair of geared motors

The training is mainly geared towards maintenance staff who service or repair gearmotors on a daily basis. Focal points are an introduction to the different standard gear unit types and their designation and correct disassembly. Ordering spare parts is also a subject matter of the training. Adjusting and replacing the brake is quick and easy. Nonetheless, users often ask questions about the brake, its structure, function and control. This training will answer all these questions.

Target group:
  • Maintenance and repair staff
Course objectives:
  • Know the structure and function of SEW gear units
  • Can service and determine the cause of the failure
  • Can perform the work on SEW drives independently
  • Know the operating principle and application option of the SEW brake system
  • Know the electric function and the mechanical structure of the brake system
  • Can set the air gap and service a brake


  • Gear unit
  • Overview of SEW gear units and the modular gear unit system
  • Structure, theory of operation and advantages of the different gear unit type
  • Correct disassembly and assembly
  • Determining the cause of the damage
  • Selecting the spare parts
  • Special features, seals
  • Oil or grease fill
  • Conversion options, mounting position and changing the speed
  • Tools required
  • Processing spare parts and repairs
  • Brakemotor
  • Structure of an SEW brake motor
  • Structure and function of the SEW brake
  • Brake control systems (overview, structure, function)
  • Brake control system connection
  • Sample circuits
  • Effect of the connection type on the operating characteristics of the brake
  • Application examples for brakes
  • Setting the brake
  • Qualified technician, mechanic or electromechanic
  • Laptop
  • Educational dialogs
  • Practical exercises at workbench
  • 2 days
Max. participants:
  • 8



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