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Project planning for controlled drives (VSDs)

The training is for anyone projecting and selecting drives and frequency inverters. It focuses on the dimensioning of controlled drives and frequency inverters (variable speed drives) – in control cabinet design as well as for decentralized installation with and without encoder, and in field weakening range operation. Additional topics are standard applications such as hoists or trolleys and the differentiation from other systems.

Target group:
  • Constructions engineers
  • Project planners
Course objectives:
  • Project a controlled drive
  • Assess the characteristics and limits of various inverters as well as the
    effects and factors required for evaluating the project planning for a drive
  • Identify the areas of application for servo inverters
  • Calculation examples for a drive
  • Overview and selection of the inverters
  • Differentiation control cabinet technology – decentralised technology
  • Differentiation from other drive systems
  • Characteristics of controlled drives
  • Special characteristic curves, hoist operation
  • Connections of the inverter
  • Inverter accessories
  • EMC-compliant installation
  • V/f, VFC, CFC, speed control, etc.
  • Tasks and practical examples
  • Software tools
  • Project planning for non-controlled drives course or equivalent knowledge
  • Technical calculator
  • Educational dialogs
  • Practical exercises
  • 3 days
Max. participants:
  • 4



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