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High-quality products with excellent performance

The SEW-EURODRIVE modular concept offers millions of combinations. This broad selection
enables you to choose the correct drive for all applications, each based on the required speed and torque range, space available and the ambient conditions. Our helical, parallel shaft helical, helical-bevel, SPIROPLAN® and planetary gearmotors offer power levels from 0.06 - 200 kW and torque from 25 - 50,000 Nm, combined with an unparalleled number of closely-spaced power steps. These factors added together create the best possible conditions for economical operation.

Energy efficient motors, gearmotors for overhead trolley systems, variable speed gearmotors and industrial gear units (made by SEW-EURODRIVE) complete this comprehensive product portfolio.

The gearmotors are complemented by MOVIDRIVE® drive inverters and MOVITRAC® frequency inverters, a combination that blends perfectly with the existing SEW-EURODRIVE systems program. Ultimate control accuracy, integrated positioning and sequence control system, hoist capability and much more are all standard features of MOVIDRIVE® and MOVITRAC® drive inverters which cover a power range of up to 160 kW. Drive electronics (made by SEW-EURODRIVE) means SEW-EURODRIVE develops, produces and assembles these electronic products. These features enable our drives to achieve maximum flexibility so you can face future challenges with confidence.

Operator terminals enable optimum visualization of the system. They allow the production processes to be displayed and controlled via a graphical and text-based display, particularly in conjunction with higher-level controllers.

Standardized fieldbus interfaces:

Standard: PROFIBUS
Actuator/sensor bus: RS-485 Interface AS-Interface
Safety fieldbus: PROFIsafe SafetyBUS p
Ethernet: ETHERNET

System solutions based on our products

Products from the servo drive system provide precision and dynamics: Individual and flexible solutions can be found for many single or multi-axis applications and synchronized process sequences using low-backlash servo planetary or helical-bevel gear units, powerful and compact servomotors or synchronous linear motors.

For economical, decentralized installation, SEW-EURODRIVE offers components from its decentralized drive system, such as MOVIMOT®, the gearmotor with integrated frequency inverter or MOVI-SWITCH®, the gearmotor with integrated switching and protection function. SEW-EURODRIVE hybrid cables have been designed specifically to ensure cost-effective solutions, independent of the philosophy or size of the system.

Mobile conveyor technology components powered via conductor rails or drag chains are being replaced by a new development from SEW-EURODRIVE: Contactless energy transfer with MOVITRANS® system components.