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Robust and able to withstand high torque loads

Machines and applications SEW-EURODRIVE solutions
Quarrying, handling and
processing raw materials
In gravel beds, quarries, mines, ports, clay pits etc. with:
- Excavators
- Mills
- Shredders
- Stone saws
- Scrapers
- Screw conveyors
- Ship unloaders
- Sorters
- Classifiers
- Sieves and separators etc.
- Conveyor belts such as belt conveyors
chain conveyors, tunnel conveyors
- Plate conveyors or apron conveyors
- Bucket conveyors
- Elevators
- Bridge scrapers

Gearmotors (25 Nm - 50,000 Nm),
industrial gear units (> 1,200 kNm), drive inverters

- High power density with low output speeds

- Multiple oil seals; industrial gear units of the MC and M series are fitted with dust protection covers as standard, with radial labyrinth seals as an option

- Suitable for variable temperature ranges due to synthetic lubricants,
breather valves, condensation drain holes in the motors; gear units of MC and M series with optional oil heating

- AC gearmotors with high overload capacities and high levels of enclosure up to IP65 (protection against dust and water jets).

- With especially good corrosion protection for installation outdoors, involving special multiple coats of paint, stainless steel bolts and internal treatment of the motor

- In special cases, also with speed control using drive inverters

- Complete drive packages e.g. on swing base, if required with elastic and/or fluid coupling, motor, drum or disc brake

- Main gear unit with auxiliary drive gearmotor for full and empty buckets and backstop

- Mechanical solutions for highest speed setting ranges and innovative electronic concepts from a single source