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System solutions based on our products

Most frequently used in the mining industry are products from our range of industrial gear units, particularly the MC series and X series , as well as products from our range of geared motors.

These power pack drives are being used on various conveyor applications at the mines such as rom belts, strike conveyors and overland conveyors. The new range of particularly compact helical gear units and helical-bevel gear units require minimum space for installation. The compact design, combined with a number of application specific options, such as swing base for motors, motor mounting platforms, adapters, extended bearing distance, backstop and torque arm, gives engineers incredible freedom when it comes to designing complete system solutions.

Also of special interest to mining applications is our expertise in mixer and agitator applications (link to product page with info and specs) with the introduction of our Extended Bearing Distance (EBD)

Products from the servo drive system provide precision and dynamics: Individual and flexible solutions can be found for many single or multi-axis applications and synchronized process sequences using low-backlash servo planetary or helical-bevel gear units, powerful and compact servomotors or synchronous linear motors.

For economical, decentralized installation, SEW-EURODRIVE offers components from its decentralized drive system, such as MOVIMOT®, the gearmotor with integrated frequency inverter or MOVI-SWITCH®, the gearmotor with integrated switching and protection function. SEW-EURODRIVE hybrid cables have been designed specifically to ensure cost-effective solutions, independent of the philosophy or size of the system. Mobile conveyor technology components powered via conductor rails or drag chains are being replaced by a new development from SEW-EURODRIVE: Contactless energy transfer with MOVITRANS® system components.